Day one: 

Tbilisi old town

What to see?

The old bath’s in Abano street. Recommended: Gulo’s Thermal

After the Spa, you may walk around in the area and head towards the Leghvtakhevi Waterfall. Its just a 5 minutes walk.


For a walk in the old town, find the Erekle II street. Its a stunning pedestrian area with cafe’s, restaurants etc.

After that, head to Rustaweli street, the main shopping street in Tbilisi. Start from Erekle II street to Liberty square towards the „Tbilisi Concert Hall“

When arrived at the „Tbilisi Concert Hall“ you may take a stop at Cafe Stamba to have a coffee and a snack.

From stamba, find a Taxi to go to Funicular station. Every Taxidriver should know the Funicilar and the ride from Stamba should not cost more than 6-7 Lari and takes around 5-10 Minutes deoends on traffic.

Take a ride up to Mtatsminda Mountain and enjoy the view. Good dining option is in the upper station building. Mtatsminda is an amusement park. You may want to take a ride with the big wheel (which is incredible cheap: 5 GEL per person).

If its to crowded to get back down the hill with the Funicular, there are options as well with Taxi and Bus. Ride with the taxi should be more than 10GEL (15 is acceptable, but nearly a cheating price for western tourist. If he asks for 20, burn his freakin‘ car and walk away. This is nothing else than outrageous).

Day 2:

Explore the other side of the river. Remember, Taxis are cheap, Subway is cheaper (and safe!):
Go to Subway Station „Marjanishvili Street“ and take a walk to „Achmashenebeli Ave“. After 10 Minutes walk this street turns to a nice pedestrian Area as well.

on your way back to the subway, you need to walk to „Fabrika“. Its an old closes factory and an urban hotspot with a stunning backyard, hostel, bars etc especially for young people.

Dining tip: Barbarestan. They offer georgian cuisine out of Grandmas recipe book. Its great, dont miss it!

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